Photo by Raffaello Rossini
Mariagiulia Serantoni is a choreographer and performer. Always fascinated by the dialogue between sound and body, she integrates concepts into her works such as vibration, reverberation and frequencies. She is convinced that body is “a world-building word”* from which seeking the perceptive parameters for activating energy modulations through which new possible relationships can be established, points of support for the elaboration of visions that suggest different ways of inhabiting intimate and common space and building new architectures of living in society.Born in Italy and grew up in Bologna, she lives in Berlin since 2014. Recently she collaborates with the choreographer Jule Flierl for the piece “Time out of joint”, presented at Sophiensaele, Berlin, (2023) and she receives the scholarship “Tanzpraxis” (2022-2023) by Berliner Senat for “Practices of an electric body” her actual subject of research.In 2022 she graduates in choreography and research at Master Exerce ICI-CCN, National Choreographic Centre, Montpellier Occitanie/ Direction Christian Rizzo in partnership with Paul- Valéry Montpellier 3 with a thesis called “Deploying multiplicity in the land of frequencies. On the activation of an electric body”. Her studies were supported also by the scholarship “Movin’Up 2021” promoted by the association GAI- giovani artisti Italiani- for the high education abroad. Since 2020 she deepens her collaboration with Micce, an association based in Bologna that promotes performances, cultural events and education with a transfemminist, inclusive, plural vision and approach. The collaboration sprouts in 2023 through a performative project “Metis” that blends gender-geography, choreographic and sound research, in co-authorship with Francesca Penzo. The project premiers at Danza Urbana Festival, Bologna, in September 2023.Mariagiulia creates choreographies since 2018, when she receives the “Einstiegsförderung” scholarship sponsored by the Berliner Senat.
She develops several projects premiered mainly in Italy among which:
“Eutropia”, produced by Fattoria Vittadini, Next- Regione Lombardia, MilanOltre and Dancehaus Più and presented at MilanOltre festival 2019. “Eutropia” has been nominated for the award “Equilibrio” 2018, Rome.
“Underground Memoirs”, winner of the prize “Vivo d’Arte 2019” for Italian artist living abroad, promoted by the Ministry of Foreing Affairs, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Romaeuropa Foundation, is presented at Romaeuropa Festival 2019.
“Short stories” and “DIA- rhythmic fantasies” in co-creation with Maria Focaraccio are presented respectively at “La Vetrina della giovane danza d'autore” 2019, Ravenna, and La Democrazia del Corpo- Novissimi Festival 2020, Florence.
In 2019 she also collaborates with the playwright and performer Kate McDowell creating “Eve On Tour” presented at the Sydney Fringe Festival after several residencies between Sydney and Gold Coast, AU. “Diagonals and Other Love Stories”, the second phase of the Australian project, was brought to Italy and presented at Think Pink Festival, Milan, FIND Festival, Cagliari and Ten Teatro Eliseo, Nuoro.As performer she collaborates for several years with the dance company Laborgras directed by Renate Graziadei and Arthur Stäldi for the productions “Retour”, “Ambulo ergo sum”, “Silent Confrontation” and “Movement Episodes” which features also the choreographies by David Hernandez and Keith A. Thompson. Between 2014 and 2018 she collaborates also with the choreographer Rosalind Masson for the piece “Mus Ro Faclan An” and “In between”.Until 2021 Mariagiulia was part of the Italian dance company “Fattoria Vittadini” which she co- founded in 2009, working with artists including Salvo Lombardo, for the piece “Amor” (2021). In 2018, Fattoria Vittadini wins the award "Hystrio/ Corpo-a-corpo", Milan.Graduated in 2009 from the academy Paolo Grassi, Milan, she continues in 2010 her training at Modem Atelier, directed by Roberto Zappalà, Catania. Along her artistic path, Mariagiulia keeps studying and researching through different encounters in the field of dance and performance including Deborah Hay (2023), Meg Stuart (“Yes to the wind”, 2019) Jozef Wouters (“the unbuilt school of architectures”, 2019) and many others. In 2018 she follows the P.O.R.C.H. curriculum at Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen, Germany, meeting numerous artists including Maria Francesca Scaroni, Peter Player, Benoit LaChambre, Robert Stein, Ricardo Rubio and others.
*Legacy Russell, “Glitch feminism. A Manifesto”, Verso 2020.