Mariagiulia Serantoni is a dance artist, choreographer, and performer whose fascination with the interplay of sound and body permeates her creative endeavors. Her unique approach, which integrates concepts like vibration and reverberation, centers on "tuning into" energy modulations to explore new relationships and foster innovative ways of "being in resonance with" or inhabiting personal and communal spaces. 

With a degree in choreography and research from Master Exerce in Montpellier, Mariagiulia has been based in Berlin since 2014, collaborating with renowned dance companies and choreographers like Laborgras, David Hernandez, and Keith A. Thompson. Recently she collaborated with Jule Flierl for the piece “Time out of joint”.

Her original works, including "Eutropia," "Underground Memoirs," and "Metis," have garnered acclaim at festivals and various venues, including MilanOltre, Danza Urbana, Sydney Fringe Festival and others. In 2018, "Eutropia'' was nominated for the "Equilibrio" prize, while "Underground Memoirs" received the Vivo d’Arte prize in 2019, and is being presented at the Romaeuropa Festival.

In 2009, she Co-founded the Milan-based dance company Fattoria Vittadini, working with artists including Salvo Lombardo, Maya Weinberg, Matanicola and others. In 2021, she was awarded the "Movin'Up" scholarship for education abroad by the Italian association GAI and in 2022 the research fund “Tanzpraxis" sponsored by the Berliner Senat. Mariagiulia's artistic vision extends to inclusive collaborations with organizations like MICCE (Bologna, IT) embodying a transformative ethos in the performing arts landscape.