By and with MariaGiulia Serantoni Sound: Andrea Parolin-Stella SestoVideo: Michele Piazzi, Andrea Parolin, MariaGiulia Serantoni Duration: 20 min ca.
Thanks to: Anne, Lisa, Nolwen for the network of possibilities they unfold. Myrto et Jennifer for opening the door.Anne Juren for instilling the direction.Barbara Manzetti for the soft and supportive presence. The tech. equipe for the patient of trying, changing, trying…and because there is not this without them.M1 all for everything, also the very tiny things.Pauline and Oliver to come to see.Maria Focaraccio to be a partner in crime even when not required. Stella Sesto because she makes music and I love it. Michele Piazzi for being always ready to play with me. Andrea Parolin for the precious attention.A very special thanks to Rita degli Esposti and Gian Pozzi, with their words I could find pieces of vocabulary I wasn’t able to see.
MariaGiulia is supported by Movin’Up Spettacolo-Performing Arts 2020-2021 promoted by MIC Ministry of Culture - General Directorate for Performing Arts and GAI Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists together withTPP Puglia Public Theater - Apulia Region and GA/ER Association Young Italian Artists of Emilia-Romagna.
This is a practice. This is a practice born from a need.This is a practice born form a need of discovering. Discover again-once again. This is a practice of activation. Activity.Activities. Accadimenti. Accordature. Accorder. S’accorder. Le cœur. Le cœur se déplace. La source. A space of multiplicities. to navigate. to intertwine. to frequent. Frequently. Frequencies. Fractural aspects Forces, maybe Forms Frontiers Frictions Fantasies Fantastical anatomies Molecular clothes And the surrounding sounds lights love practice particelle precarie puerili pulsations possibile possibilità molte possibilità si trasformano. Se transforment.
Une pratique pour observer ce qui reste à mon corps et comment tous ce qu’il reste est déjà un lieu pour un ailleurs.