Currently under production

The title AGiTA underlines the possible interpretation of the Italian word "agita" in both its double meaning: the singular imperative form of ‘agitare’ (to shake); or the feminine form of the past participle of ‘agire, essere agita’ (to act, to be acted).

Through energy overloads, emotional excesses, and molecular explorations, the performance probes the essence of being in action. What ignites action? What fuels agitation? What precedes movement? Necessity? Desire? Reaction?

The project reveals an oscillating, connectable body—an electric body—metaphorically exploring through synthetic noises and vocal articulations. Distortions and modulations transform negative emotions into a visceral, radical voice. Frequencies shape a personal grammar, defying conventional language.

By embracing the electric body's vitality, audiences are invited to explore new pathways to connection in an increasingly electrified world.



The research subject originates within the study program at the Master Exerce (ICI-CCN, Montpellier)

July 2023:

Work-in-progress performance at Backsteinboot, Berlin.

September 2023:

Residency and Open Studio at Wiesen55 e.V., Berlin.

Creative Team

Concept, choreography and performance: Mariagiulia SerantoniSound Design: Andrea ParolinLight Design: Emma JuliardCostume and Stage Design: Giulia Paolucci and Juliette Catelle
with special thanks to: Anna Chwialkowska, Jule Flierl, Maria Focaraccio, Veronica Bracaccini, Jacopo Lanteri, Zé de Paiva, Kathleen Kunath the whole collective of the Tanzhalle Wiesenburg.