Currently under production

“I shake to be moved. I am moved, so I shake. I shake the world to feel that it moves. What moves me?”Anxiety and desire, urgency and listening blend together in a perceptive network under the skin.The title underlines the possible interpretation of the Italian word in both its double and reverse meaning: agita, the singular imperative form of ‘agitare’ (to shake); or the feminine form of the past participle of ‘agire, essere agita’ (to act, to be acted).The performance is the journey of a body through energy overloads, emotional excesses, molecular explorations. A performance for an oscillating, switched-on, excitable, connectable body; an electric body. It is a dance and sound performance composed of synthetic noises and vocal modulations, where the distinction between sounds generated by the body and those produced by machines becomes ambiguous. The performance blurs the line between listening and taking action, reacting and providing impulses to create a personal grammar of pleasure, imagination, and necessity.The performance weaves a science fiction narrative, where the body assumes the roles of connector, transmitter and generator, dismantling established definitions and challenges norms, codes, and hierarchies. A wordless and powerful reminder of the extraordinary potential that lies within us, resonating with our innate desire to shake, be moved, and shape our own narratives. An invitation to continue feeling, perceiving, listening, desiring, and thinking. A practice to explore ways of existing in- with-for the world and others, while reconnecting with vibrant matter. An organic fantasy, an alchemical recipe, a somatic prayer, a life claim.



The research subject originates within the study program at the Master Exerce (ICI-CCN, Montpellier)

July 2023:

Work-in-progress performance at Backsteinboot, Berlin.

September 2023:

Residency and Open Studio at Wiesen55 e.V., Berlin.

Creative Team

Concept, choreography and performance: Mariagiulia SerantoniSound Design: Andrea ParolinLight Design: Emma JuliardCostume and Stage Design: Giulia Paolucci and Juliette Catelle
with special thanks to: Anna Chwialkowska, Jule Flierl, Maria Focaraccio, Veronica Bracaccini, Jacopo Lanteri, Zé de Paiva, Kathleen Kunath the whole collective of the Tanzhalle Wiesenburg.