Inspired by Italo Calvino´s book “Invisible Cities”, the piece aims to stage the building and reconstructing of the surrounding environment. Eutropia wants to be an imaginary city of the future - a space to be designed, a container of ideas, thoughts, words, actions and sounds.The performers are the inhabitants of this city; by gathering objects and interacting with them, they manipulate the space around. Their practical actions and emotional states are the engine that unwinds the piece’s evolution. The balance created by the functional use of the objects and the human feelings produces collective actions and interactions that generates a collaborative situation, stimulating – encouraging new possible dialogues in a space-time where future memories and images of the past can coexist. The piece is centered on the close relationship between the performers’ actions and the live music, thanks also to the use of different sound technologies that allow a direct interaction and manipulation of the sounds by the artists on stage. The music hence generated becomes the voice of Eutropia; it expresses the emotions, happiness, sorrows, dreams, choices and wishes of its inhabitants.The co-dependence among the music and performers makes possible the narrative progression, which reveals a world where situations keep changing and transforming, unveiling different aspects of the same reality. The theatrical artifice is abandoned: the audience witnesses every set change and transition so that the borders between real and fiction are ripped off. In this way the two main themes of “building” and “playing” follow a parallel path that gives the performance the aspect of a “dancing concert”.


Concept And Choreography
: MariaGiulia Serantoni / Performance: Chiara Ameglio, Cesare Benedetti, Maria Focaraccio / Music and Live Performance: Stella Sesto / Sound design: Andrea Parolin / Dramaturgy: Irene Pozzi / Costume Design: Arianna Fantin / Set Design: Giacomo Della Maria, Luca Negri, MariaGiulia Serantoni / Light Design: Paolo Bonapace / Production Manager: Riccardo OlivierProduction: Fattoria Vittadini, NEXT- Regione Lombradia 2018, Dancehaus Più (Milan, Italy), Viagrande Studios and Scenario Pubblico (Catania, Italy), Laborgras (Berlin, Germany), MilanOltre Festival (Milan, Italy)“Eutropia” is nominated for the award Premio Equilibrio 2018, Rome, Italy.