Storie Brevi - Nulla di troppo intimo


The performance generates dialogic forms that lead to the composition of choreographic fragments where the always different relation between the performers maps an invisible constellation into the space, defining codes for new possible vocabularies. Through synchrony, contact, confrontation, overlaps and joints the two bodies become landscapes on which connections can be traced.The duet deals with the attempt of moving beyond the most common meaning of antinomy and contraposition. The etymology of the word dialogue (from the Greek dia -among/between- and logos -in its broader sense reason/significance/word-) supports the nature of the research; what emerges as its distinctive feature is, indeed, its mean condition, its ability to divide while unifying.Every encounter and interaction creates therefore the possibility of overcoming antithesis: heterogeneity becomes a source of enrichment, division mutates into sharing and participation, otherness into cohesion and complicity. It possible to observe the duality of the bodies as synthesis of relations’ mechanisms?The choice of the fragment as a means of plot’s unfolding offers the possibility of lying outside a linear narrative organization and focusing on the action’s essence, placing the viewer in a state of observation, analysis and involvement in the experiment on the duality.The performance deliberately opens up the space to doubts, hesitations and malfunctions; the fragile mechanisms which deploy the sequence of events are concealed in the missing spots, in the silences, in the unsaid, where thought and action are suspended in order to let reverberate the echo of what has just happened.In this timeline of acts, the simultaneity of parallel existences writes a choreography where lines and matters, failures and games clap together, letting vibrate every time new and diverse perspectives.


Concept And Choreography
: MariaGiulia Serantoni, Maria Focaraccio / Performance: MariaGiulia Serantoni, Maria Focaraccio / Sound and Light design: Andrea Parolin